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Two Way Binding Example

Observers can also be bound bi-directionally, in which case an element can both send and receive updates through its observer. The following example shows a two way binding between two text inputs, where either input can update the value of the other. It’s been written in react to showcase binding with react components.

How To

First import the components and binding classes.

import { Observer } from '@playcanvas/observer';
import { TextInput, BindingTwoWay } from '@playcanvas/pcui';

Then create a new observer for a an object which contains a text string.

const observer = new Observer({text: 'Hello World'});

Create two text inputs, which can both send and receive updates through the linked observer. This style of binding is defined through the use of the BindingTwoWay object which is passed as a property.

const link = { observer, path: 'text' };
const TextInput1 = () => <TextInput binding={new BindingTwoWay()} link={link} />
const TextInput2 = () => <TextInput binding={new BindingTwoWay()} link={link} />